i have tried to review all the threads i can onthis subject, but so far have
found no solutions...

I have installed ZCM10 SP2 on SLES10 SP1 Server. This is a new Zone and I
have used the migration Utility to copy the applications, images policies
and workstations to the server.

I have installed the stand-alone agent on My windows XP workstation to act
as the proxy.

I have run into a brick wall trying to deply to the workstation setting next
to me as a test.

I have simple file sharing turned off and at this point have turned the
firewall completely off on the target workstation. I CAN connect to an
administrative share (net use x: \\workstation\admin$
/USER=administrativeUser) from the workstation I am using as a proxy.

However, every time i try the deployement from the server I get "Error:
Credentials invalid. Please ensure that Classic file sharing is enabled on
the target device."

I am at my wits end on this and to be honest just a bit brain-dead right

Any help would be greatly aoppreciated.