Hey all,

We have deployed the ZCM 10.2 agent on some laptops that staff take home.
These laptops are connected to our domain and therefore they are domain users on the laptop.

At our workplace, everything works great.

However, when staff take the laptop home, they still login to the domain (its not accessible however so it just works in offline mode) and therefore zenworks also tries to contact the zenworks server which is also not accessible.

What I have found is that if staff dont have their home network plugged in the login process will be extremely fast (probably because zenworks gives up straight away as there is no network connection). However, if they have their home network plugged in they get extremely slow logins because the zenworks agent is trying to authenticate the user.

Ive set:
"Times to retry requests to a busy server:" to 2
"Initial retry request wait (each subsequent request incremented by 1 second):" to 1
"Maximum retry request wait:" to 1

But it makes no difference.

Any ideas on what I can try?

Ive attached the debug log file.
The login sequence commences at 10:43:41 (line 64)
and finally concludes at 10:46:41.

Note that I have replaced usernames with <username> and domain names with <domain>.
When the user is plugged in at home, the domain name will not resolve in a public dns, ie it is internal only. At work however, the domain name will resolve fine.

Any help you could give would be great!