I am running a netware 6.5 sp6 server as my file server.
My web server is an IIS running on window server 2003.
The user web pages are reside on the data1 volumes’s web folder.
An user “aaa” is create to the have the read access to this web folder.
That web folder is share using CIFS protocol under the native file access.
A virtual directory that map to this web folder with that user “aaa” for authentication is create on the IIS. It works fine.

However when I configure my new IIS running on window server 2008.
With the same setting above for mapping the web folder using CIFS.
I run into “http error 500.19 – internet server error”, can not read configuration file
The authentication seems ok at the time I setup the VD because I was not allowed to create a VD if I use a wrong password. Somehow I still have a feeling that authentication fail. I suspect that the VD can not be read rather than missing configure file.