Running Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7 SP1 Interim Release 3a Hot Patch 2 on NW65SP7, the installation completed as successfully (after several attempts, but that's pretty much normal with ZEN!...) however I don't understand the different version numbers in my NetWare Registry, they are as followed.

• Imaging Server
• PXE Server

• Inventory Server
• Inventory Database Server
• Remote Management Server

• App Management Server
• Middle Tier Server
• Nal Database Server

Under TID: 3546801: How to check which version of ZENworks 7 Desktop Management you have installed, I understand Middle Tier Server is un-changed ( Mid Tier is unchanged in this release), however, why are the highlighted ZENworks components (in bold) above still at level? In the TID above, the lowest version number is, so is lower than that! The DarkOrange components are OK. It must be either those software components have not changed since OR they didn't update correctly.