I hope someone can help me with this problem, because we do not know where to find a solution.

The situation:
We have a PC with Zen 7 agent en no Novell Client. It authenticates through a middle tier server.
In a normal situation you type your password and the pc logs in, but in about 40% - 60% of the time the login won't work and the user gets the error "Password incorrect or no connection".
The user then has to it 2 or 3 times before the client authenticates.

Also we notice that when a user locks his PC en comes back in - i think 15 till 30 minutes - the pc cannot be unlocked. The login window keeps saying Password incorrect. The only way to unlock is change to Windows authentication en type the right password.

We tried to look at the traffic between the server and the client but there are some strange things to see also.
When a user enters a password and presses Login, some data wil be exchanged between the client and the middle tier server. After a few seconds there are a lot of HTTP 200 packages coming from the server to the client. These are the policies and nal packages.

When i look at the data traffic during a 'bad login' there are sometimes NO http 200 packages, but sometimes there are...
So it looks like the client thinks the authentication did not succeed but the server is, and started sending al kind of policies.

I also turned on the ZenWS logging, but I don't see any error in those log files.

I hope it is clear what my problem is and that somebody has an idea.