Have done some testing. Installed ZCM 10.2 with the internal database. Connected to the server with a testcomputer and installed the agent. Everything seems to work fine. After that, I imported the bundles and policies. When logging in from the testcomputer the database uses 100% of CPU the server it suddenly takes forever until the testcomputer is logged in and ZenworksWindowsService.exe uses 1.2 Gb up to 4 Gb of memory and everything between 40 to 99% of local CPU. Repeated the installation from scratch two times and the result is the same.

Installed it a third time and did exactly the same but used an external oracle database instead. And the problem doesn't appear. No 100% databases and no slow logins.

I have used one server as a ZCM-server connecting to eDirectory to get the users. And when using an external database it has been installed on my PC. Ther are about 100 bundles and 100 policies imported , none of them assigned to the testcomputer. The testcomputer is a Windows 2008 server.

Does anyone have the same experiences? Or even better can someone explain whats happening.

Best wishes1