Ok. I'm working on an installation for a client of mine who's been having lots of wierdness on their installation. How hard would it be to reinstall the server while preserving all the work thats been done with bundles etc?

Its been upgraded all the way from 10.0 and now it's on 10.2.
For example today i installed a new windows xp image. Installed the new 10.2 agent on and it registers just fine to the zone. So i klick devices/workstations and open up the newly installed/registered machine.

Down in the right hand corner in ZCC theres this section called
"Assigned System Updates"
And behold there i see "Hotfix for ZCM 10 (TID 7000756) "
Wich btw is the update for if i click that link it shows me the update history for that update as follows.

Stage Status Pending Successful Failed
All Devices Stage Baselined 0 22 0