I have a site that just got 5 new HP laptops in. All 5 run xp pro service
pack 2, latest novell, proxy server setup, and firewalls are turned off. If
you don't get the bordermanager login screen then you go surf the net
without issue, but if you do get the login screen and say even if you don't
login and just try to close the IE window the entire station will lock up
and you have to do a cold reboot. To work around the error I removed the
proxy server and set up a gateway that let's them out onto the net but the
people at the site are not happy with this. All the other stations on site
do not have this issue and only these 5 laptops do, I d/l every update I
could for them but still have the issue.

Its been years since I have even used novell so maybe I'm missing something
really simple here.