I have a NW 6.5 SP5 server that will no longer mount VOL1 since we tried to
run a Purge on that volume via NRM.

The problem is that VOL1 is on POOL1 which also has VOL2 and VOL4. VOL2 and
VOL4 are presently up and running with many users connected.

Can someone please suggest a repair command to fix VOL1's purge issue
without having to deactivate the pool it's on?

When starting the server, during the MOUNT ALL command, I see that VOL4 and
VOL2 mount successfully but VOL1's last screen entry says "processing volume
purge log" and server reboots in a few minutes. Of course, I got around
this issue by removing the MOUNT ALL and mounting the other volumes

I just don't want to kick everyone out of VOL2 and VOL4 to repair VOL1.

Thanks for any help,