I have a GW7 SP3 system with a recently added GW8 Domain and Test PO. The GW8 domain is the Primary domain. eDir is 8.8 SP5

All is fine except I cannot create Resources - I always get an "Invalid Attrbute" error message from ConsoleOne. While the resource is subsequently visible in the GroupWise system view, there is no eDir object.

When trying to access the new resource object in the GroupWise system view, I get the error "error occured converting the GW object to its eDirectory counterpart [...] the eDir counterpart does not exisit"

I have tried connecting to different domains (GW8 Pri and the other GW7 doms) as well as associating the resource to different post offices and users.

Can any one suggest where to go looking for further detail here?

Cheers, Dave