Quick sanity check question, all the computers in the business have invoked local user rights across the company for each machines profile to be used after login to Novell for prevention of virus' etc.

The installation goes as follows from Zenworks 4 using application dependencies in the config and pushing out the applications in this order to each machine during the upgrade:

Gwcleanit - to remove version 6.5 or 7.0 from each PC
WMS reinstall - to ensure each PC has WMS correctly installed
MSXML 4.0 - to ensure each PC has MSXML installed
GW8 Install

The installation goes flawlessly and all security local user rights allow the apps to be installed during the Zenworks pushout. But, after the install and you open any Microsoft application and do the SEND TO function I get a MAPI profile prompt, click on the OK and choose it as the default profile. Then it says that the application has an issue and to shutdown Excel and try the app again. (this is a well known problem by many people from what I have read)

Using Regmon and Filemon utilities the error is basically a ACCESS DENIED when the send to function makes a call and I do believe this is because of local user rights correct? This and the goofy formscache.dat errors piece is all a MAPI issue when it comes down to it.

If I do this installation as an administrator on the local PC everything installs perfectly and I get no error messages, then I log back in as the user and it has fixed the users profile also and is now functional.

I have spent 4 weeks working on a solution and have found no registry key that will make this work properly with MAPI, I think the product is so old (over 13 years old) that Microsoft may not have thought about registry keys for it and it is just an application that has to run once with admin rights, all of their documentation basically states it takes admin rights to install MAPI.

Does anyone know anything different?

Thanks everyone.

In doing such I have run into issues with the MAPI piece of the routine which I believe is purely a rights issue from everything I have read on the web and Microsoft's site.