GW all around. (Client in caching mode but probably not related).

When the user opens an email that is in a shared folder (they are the owner
-- but I don't think that matters) and hits the "reply" button, it defaults
as a "reply to subject" instead of "reply to sender". In fact, it basically
acts like a newsgroup with "reply to subject" as the default, and you have
to change it to "reply privately (outside discussion)" and select "To sender
only" or "To all (sender and recipients)". No idea right now if that
happened in any other GW8 version of the client (will probably research that

So when the reply button defaults to "reply to subject", the resulting reply
message is a Posted Message instead of a normal Mail To: message. You have
to go to "Edit, Change To, More ..." and select "Mail, Group" (instead of
Mail, Posted) to change it to a normal reply.

I have a lot of users and they use shared folders quite a bit, but never
like a discussion group. Can this default be changed somewhere? Is this by
design or a bug?