Hi all.

I have a simple AOT.
The Run path runs a batch file (test.bat - contains a pause only).
This is run as the normal user.
I am testing this as an admin.

When I run there are no problems.
Batch file appears - pause is invoked and waits for keypress.

Now when I add something to the parameters line, the batch file flashes up briefly and disappears.
It seems that it doesn't like a parameter to be passed and crashes out?

run: test.bat
parameter: helloworld

Now, the current state of the batch file (pause only) would do nothing with this parameter, but the real final batch file would do something with the param (even if it's just echo %1), but I can't get there until the NAL runs the batch file correctly!

If I run test.bat helloworld from the command prompt in xp, then it runs successfully. If I modify the batch file to display the param, it is displayed correctly. It is ONLY the NAL that fails to run the batch file.

Any suggestions?