Actual LAN is a tree with 3 servers 2 of them NW 6.5 SBS sp1 and a NOWS SBE 2 (SLES):
1.NW 6.5 sp1 - Border Manager (Firewall)
2.NW 6.5 sp1 -, DNS-DHCP, iFolder,
3.NOWS SBE 2 (starter pack) - WEB site with PHP and MySQL, GroupWise, iPrint

I wish to upgrade the first 2 servers from sp1 to sp2 and the BM on the first server to sp5.

My questions are:
1. What shall I update first the NW65 from sp1 to sp2 or to begin with updating first the BM from sp1 ro sp5?
2. Can I upgrade directely from sp1 to sp5 or I need to install everyone of the intermediate patches?
3. Shall I take care about any other things connected to BorderManager and its upgrade?