I had our main Netware 6.5 server crash the other day. I turned it off and then manually deleted the server objects from the tree.

I have a SLES10SP1-OES2 box, SLES9-OES, and another Netware 6.5 in the tree. I changed the SLES10SP1 to be the master replica and added the replica to the SLES9-OES box.

I then tried to reinstall SLES10SP1 with OES2 on the crashed server. Long story short when trying to setup eDir it stops saying "could not bind to eDirectory through LDAP". Constantly it says this... even if I try in a VM. Doesn't matter which server I choice with a replica on it.

So, I worked and got the old Netware 6.5 on that crashed server running again. GREAT.... it was my first Netware server so maybe it has something to do with it. Anyways, it would never resync eDir. I ran DSREPAIR a million times... it just wouldn't sync back up. It was 5 days behind. So I uninstalled Directory Services and Reinstalled and now its back in the tree.

However, I still cannot in a VM join a SLES10SP1-OES2 box to eDirectory. Still fails with the same message.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? When I deleted the server objects did I delete something important like a certificate that I need to recreate???