Hi all

I have a wierd one,lateley we have had about three workstations of a site
of 1200 that refuse to surf through our primary bordermanager server. It
will not ask them to authenticate, if you use client trust this does not
work either.

The machine types vary from xp, to win2000. I have seen client trust fail
therefore prompt for the second login box, i have never seen it just hang
and give a "page cannot be displayed" message.

I have checked the filters and they seem ok. Incidently, if i change the
ip on these pc's (give them statics) even though authentication is much
slower it does eventually pop up and let them out for a short while (3
days). I have even changed the vlan/machine name of one of these offending
machines and it still does not sort it permanently.

Anyone seen this one before?.