So, I'm not by any means new to OES2 on Linux or Netware, and I'm really comfortable with Zenworks 7...Where I am really green is Zenworks Configuration Management. I have been looking at the cd's for install, and usually they havea breakdown of what each pne is for...I can't find the breakdown in the documentstion either, so here comes my question:

ZCM_10.2.0.iso 1.3 GB (1404133376) download -" I imagine this is the main install"
ZRS_LINUX_10.2.0.iso 2.3 GB (2479867904) download - "What the heck is this? What does ZRS stand for "
ZRS_WINDOWS_10.2.0.iso 3.1 GB (3431780352) download - "Same question as above"
AdminStudioSE90a.iso 685.5 MB (718884864) download _ "I know what this is :):

Please enlighten me, they seem like large installs, so they must be important....