Hi, I'm trying to figure out how bundles requirements works exactly. For example, I configure 2 requirements to check BEFORE the installation of the bundle “MS Visual Studio 6”: 1- “MS JAVA VM v5.0.2752.0” is install first, 2- that the registry Uninstall of “Visual Studio 6” isn’t present because the product is then already installed. So, in theory it should check the 2 requirements before doing anything! But from what I can see it only check if the “MS JAVA VM v5.0.2752.0” bundle is install and proceed with the installation of “MS Visual studio 6”. And yes I did make sure that “Combine Filters using:” is set for “AND” and not “OR”. So does anyone have an idea on how I fix this or explain to me how the “Requirements” part works exactly?

Thanks in advance for the help!