This is an odd one

We have an app that's duplicated to all our sites
Each app has the same GUID (we set it up for Site List as per the docs)
The only difference is that each app points to its local netware server via UNC path for installs.

Here's what's bizarre:

User at say, Site 4, logs into the PC
It not only tries to run the app from the main site (rather than Site 4 site), it tries to run the app, even though the system requirements plainly state it shouldn't run if a certain registry key exists.

I've bumped the version # of all the apps up to update the c:\nalcache, and what's odd is that I will see multiple folders in the \nalcache for the app (let's say the app is: SOMEAPP.MAIN for the main site and SOMEAPP.REGION4) so I'll see both folder names in the nalcache

Which I think would be odd.

I mean, normally the site list does a PING against the servers, and the one with the closest response time is the one it should pick right?

Even if it did pick the "wrong" app object (meaning crossing our WAN link), the system requirements should still prevent it from running the app, right?

Well the app tries to run anyway, even though the requirements haven't been met.

Only thing I can think of is that it's reading the cache first, running that, and then updating the cache from edir?

I can't find the version # in the cache (or it's written in binary format and I can't read it). I see everything else in the .bin files and can figure out that the GUID# is correct AND that the requirements ARE in there.