Our NetWare SBS started out on nw3.11, migrated to new server with 5.5 then migrated to another new server with 6.6 (nw6.5sp3)

We installed an XP Pro x64 box to see if Solidworks would do better with 8GB of ram instead of 4GB with normal XP.
Unfortunately there is no Novell client for XP x64 so I thought I would use cifs.

When I began, SP5 was installed. Cifs would show the server when I configured it but not any shares. Everything I tried was to no avail so I updated to SP6 and then to SP8. No change.

A trace of nmas in imonitor ends up empty. Wireshark shows packets back and forth ending with tree connect failed. Tcpcon connections go up 1 then down 1 right away during a net view \\ attempt. If I cifsstop, wait, the cifs start then the shares will show up for about 3 attempts then back to error 58. (on the w98 do window command line with doskey and fast fingers)

This is the only server we have. Border manager was installed initially but commented out when a firebox x edge was implemented. IP filters are not running. Netbios over TCP is enabled on the client. I removed the Novell client from a w95 machine to test it. Same results.

Simple passwords were set and tried first and then universal passwords was enabled and set but still no change. I've removed and re-installed the nmas method. Sdidiag check is fine. Everything checks out but cifs will not work. I got NetStorage configured and I am using a Knoppix live CD on a laptop connected using ncpfs to the server to share out the desired files with samba in read only mode as a crutch but really want cifs connections with per user rights as cifs is designed.

I've read so many of these threads but none have helped. The only thing that I have not tried (that I know of) is using the nwconfig restore method option but wouldn't a SP do that.

Can anybody help?

Thanks so much.