I used to have a Windows Mobile based smartphone and e-mail + calendar sync worked very quickly, it was just a matter of seconds before changes were visible on the smartphone and/or laptop.

Yesterday I bought a Nokia E71 and installed Intellisync on it, everthing works fine except for the push option, the phone only synchronzes every 10 minutes or so

It seems as he does not want to accept the push option, I use the following settings in the synchonize tab (dutch version, so translation may not be correct for 100%):

Push updates: enabled
Fixed sync: enabled*
Fix sync "time": every 10 minutes**
Work day push: 7AM - 10PM
Weekend push: enabled
Sync off when: battery is 5%

* if I disable this option, I need to synchronize manually, even when push option is enabled.
** less is not possible

Hope someone can help me on this issue, I checked with our IT Manager and on the server all settings are correct, alle options are marked as push. We use Groupwise 7.

Thanks in advance.