I have been trying to install oes2sp1b linux as a XEN VM running on a SLE11 host. I have 2 problems that constantly appear. One is when the VM starts, and I log in, I get a GNOME error stating something like, the settings daemon failed to start, it started too many times etc and that the next time you log in it will be started again to see if the issue can be rectified.

The second issue I have is that, no matter how many times I try, iFolder 3.7 does not work. When I try to access the Admin portal straight after installing OES2SP1b, I get a web error telling me to check the host and contact the administrator etc. I run 64 bit oes2sp1b on top of SLES11 64 bit. I have tried installing iFolder AFTER oes completes installation, however, there is no difference. Trying to perform an online update comes back with a successful registration, however, there are never any patches to download when I perform an online update.

Is there anything that I am missing in my configuration process?

I see, in google, that the GNOME error exists with so many people with no real resolution. iFolder is a complete surprise - setting this up on a physical machine gives no such issue.