I've looked all over google and these forums for an answer.. all I found was people asking the same question and not getting an answer. So I'm wondering if anybody has figured anything out? Here is the problem:

Our needs are setup so that we need to run ZCM setup through the command line. The problem is that ZCM and iManager both use the same ports (80 and 443). Installing ZCM after install iManager is no problem, the install script realizes that 80 and 443 are already in use, and prompts us to give a different port. However for our purposes, we cannot assume that iManager will always be installed before ZCM, and for some reason, in this case, the ZCM setup script does not allow us to choose a port other than the defaults.

I've edited /opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/conf/server.xml and replaced 80 with 10080, 443 with 10443. This seems to work only partially. I'll direct my browser to https://ipaddress:10443/zenworks and I will correctly get the web interface. HOWEVER, none of my username/password combinations work anymore (i.e. I cannot login).

Am I missing a step when changing the port numbers? Has anybody found a better solution?

Thanks for the help,