Hi there,

I'm evaluating Novell Zenworks at the moment and I'm running into an issue where the DLU isn't deleted at log off.

Client OS Windows XP SP2
Novell Client 4.91 SP5
Volatile User
Zenworks 10
No volatile cache
No excludes or includes

The user is created on the desktop, the policies are applied but during the log off the user isn't being deleted.

I've created a debug log file and it says:

[09:29:06:468] [NWGINA-270-274] GinaRemoveLocalUserIfNotPersistent called!
[09:29:06:468] [NWGINA-270-274] RemoveKerberosAccountToDLUAccountAssociation entered.
[09:29:06:468] [NWGINA-270-274] It appears we were not the ones to create the user association, skipping remove
[09:29:06:468] [NWGINA-270-274] RemoveKerberosAccountToDLUAccountAssociation returning 0
[09:29:06:468] [NWGINA-270-274] GinaCleanupRoamingProfileRegistryKeys
[09:29:06:468] [NWGINA-270-274] GinaCleanupRoamingProfileRegistryKeys returning 0

So for dome reason the agent can't delete the user account..

What can I do here?