Our LAN has two WAN connections, each with its own router. The connection
between our LAN and the WAN-routers goes through a MB3.8 server which for
this purpose contains 3 nic's. I would like to configure the MB3.8 server
in a way that clients on the LAN can access Internet through WAN
connection 1, for which I configured a default gateway on the MB3.8 server
to router 1 (works well) and that a webserver on our LAN can be accessed
through WAN connection 2, for which I created a static NAT on public
interface 2. All default gateways on the clients and webserver on the LAN
point to the private nic in the BM3.8 server. I cannot succeed in getting
the webserver available from Internet. My questions to you: Is it
überhaupt possible to built the above mentioned construction? And if so
can anyone tell me what I do wrong?
Thanks in advance