Since ZCM doesn't have site lists, I'm trying to accomplish the same thing but having to rely upon the Novell Client login script.

We have 95 different networks (VLANs).
Of those 95, 11 are regional offices with a subnet of
34 are Main Office VLAN's subnetted to
The rest are regional sites with

But I don't think in our case, the subnets matter since the first 3 octects are all unique numbers.

My guess is that I could either have 95 lines (or more) in the 50 login script containers (ack) to set a network variable (if network = 10.10.100 or then set %server% = something) I'm just using normal verbage here as I believe the Login script has to use hex format.

Anyway, so that's one way, right? (but I'd need a line for every single possible network the person could be using). Obviously coding the bundle to use to the variable is easy.

Or do I write a batch file and run that from the login script to set the variable on the PC?

None of our apps are workstation associated, and most are user-associated to the eDir containers themselves, not the individual users (although we have a few).

Am I on the right track?

Has anyone else used something similar and maybe has some code to share?