My problem is the following: there are several dependencies of services
from each other which are not optimally implemented, so that after
bootup of a server several services have to be started manually,
because their initial start failed because of other services not being

Here a few examples:
dhcpd on OES2 needs ndsd to be up and accessible - so if I start the
server running dhcpd as first server in the tree it fails, because it
does not wait till ndsd is up;
xad or DSfW - needs always an reload after bootup because of namcd /
ndsd interdependency problems (here it is up but users have wrong
access rights via samba) - and because name resolution needs
novell-named to be up (there is no hosts-file workaround as you cannot
enter anything into /etc/hosts without breaking the config);

novell-ipsmd: needs ndsd and if running on an DSfW server novell-named,

The dhcpd problem is the worst, because you need to have console-access
to correct that as all your workstations do not get any IP-addresses.


W. Prindl