zcm10.2 on win2k3, external oracle db. clients are all xp3.

We've had issues w/ the database stability, and when its not available, workstations can't log in. Or at least, they can't do it in a reasonable amount of time. Seems as though the zenworks agent simply won't give up.

I've gone into the control center>>configuration>>device management>>zenworks agent, and cranked down the settings to:
times to retry request to a busy server-- 3
initial retry request wait --3
maximum retry wait --10

doesn't seem to do anything.

We disconnected the database, and tried a login, and it took 5 minutes.
with everything up and running, it takes 60 seconds. (and thats a big improvement over 10.1).

Is there anything else we can do to speed this up, so that database glitches don't bring down the whole place?