I’ve been having problems with BorderManager cache volumes becoming
overflow with too directories. I tried working with Novell Support on
this issue for 8 weeks and they were unable to resolve it. The BM server
is running NetWare 6.5 sp5, eDirectory 8.8 with BM 3.8 with all of the
newest releases and proxy. The caching volume is setup with 4-10 gig
traditional volumes. I have the cache directory setting in NW admin to
be 512 (4x128)-formula. My settings have been checked with Novell
support over and over again. I use transparent HTTP proxy with a gig
connection. I am running SurfControl on the BM server with all the
newest releases. If I run Proxy DNS with the HTTP Transparent Proxy side
by side the cache volumes with become overflowing by the end and of the
day and will start to have DNS problems with some internet sites. If I
run HTTP Transparent proxy by itself, I can run it all week without a
problem. After a week the health status will on the cache volume with
start showing problem with too many directories and I will end up
restarting the BM server or unload and reload proxy with the –cc switch
to clean them up.

Note: I have tried rebuilding the cache volumes all different sizes with
many different setting and it did not seem to help in anyway with the
directory over flow. Otherwise the server is running very well without
any other issues.