I have a user who is being randomly blocked from an allowed website
shortly after attempting to visit a blocked website.

Here's or config:
BM38SP5 w/ Linkwall

And here's the rundown:
User attempts to access www.habeascorpusreview.blogspot.com and is
blocked (blogspot is blocked at all times through Linkwall)
User then attempts to access www.google.com and is blocked (google is
allowed at all times)
User waits a few minutes, and is then able to access Google.

A packet trace between the workstation and Border shows the initial GET
request to blogspot, followed by the HTTP 403 (and our custom block
page). The request for www.google.com never hits the wire. Mixed in to
all of this are a variety of DNS queries from the workstation which
provide a clue: www.habeascorpusreview.blogspot.com is a CNAME for

Internet Explorer is making its own DNS queries, but all other traffic is
to the proxy. Firefox doesn't do this (and works fine). It *looks* like
IE is ignoring the sub-domains and deciding to block *.google.com because
of receiving the 403 off of the blogspot alias. After the block timer
runs out, it allows traffic.

Yes, I know, just tell the user to not attempt to visit the blocked site
;-). This specific example is indicative of other issues as well. Oh,
and switching to Firefox is not an option as yet.

Anyone know if there is a way to STOP IE from making the extra
(completely useless with a proxy) DNS requests? Any other thoughts /


-Paul Guest
-Systems Administrator
-USDC - CAE Fresno