In the following appnote:
it discusses "Licensing Issue and Workaround"

"Licensing delays on bootup can happen when multiple BorderManager servers
are placed in the same OU. By default, when BorderManager services start,
the licenses are read from the Master replica holding the licenses. After a
long delay (several minutes), licenses will be read from a Read/Write
The implications should be clear. If you have multiple BorderManager servers
in an OU and one is the Master, the other server needs to read licensing
information from that server when BorderManager services load. (This is a
particular issue with site-to-site VPN members, and is a reason that each
VPN member should hold the Master of the replica holding its own licenses.)
Iftheserver holding the Master replica is down, BorderManager servers
needing a license will be very slow in coming online.

This licensing issue can be overcome with a simple eDirectory design rule:
Create a new OU for each BorderManager server, partition and replicate that
OU, and assign the BorderManager server within it to hold the Master
replica. Each server will then be able to quickly read its own license at

In BM38 at the latest patch, is this still a concern? Or does the
individual server need a copy of the Master replica for reading the license
without waiting for a timeout on a R/W replica?

John Bickel