In the past my users log into the network with client32 and into BM
via CLNTRUST and all has worked well, and continues to work. Now, I
have added users that do not login into the network, no client32,
therefore, no CLNTRUST. I have setup authentication for these users
to login using HTML or JAVA. Currently at HTML, but I have tried
both. The issus is the same either way. The user types in a web
page, and then it takes just under two minutes (shortest wait is just
over a minute) for the login to appear. After they type in their
ID/Password it takes another minute or more till the first page is
delivered. After that, all their surfing runs well, pages load
without issue, and load at normal speed.

Does anyone know of something that I may have missed or have to setup
differently to get this to work better? I've done this in the distant
past and don't recall anything special that I had to do.

My guess is that something goofy is going on here and I'll probably
start with some packet traces next week to find out whats really going
on. But I am open to to any suggestions just in case someone else has
run into this and it's something simple that I have missed.

The facts:

BM 3.8 on NW OES 6.5/Sp1a
Has R/W Replica on Server
DS healthy
IP only
Using Surfcontrol filtering.
HP DL360 / P4 2.?ghz/2gb memory