I have a NW 6.5 server hosting my DNS/DHCP servers I was able to migrate the DHCP server with little or no issues. The named server was also a somewhat smooth migration process. However; I had a couple of issue that I was wondering if someone might have run into before and might have fixes for.

1.) Under the NW DNS/DHCP server when I ping to zcm10 I get the proper response And when I ping zcm10.predfg same thing all works well. I have an "A" record in the zone "PREDFG" a "PTR" in the in-add.arpa zone along with an "NS" record that has an owner of 17. This works fine on the NetWare version, but when I migrated this over to Linux (OES 2) I was able to ping "zcm10.predfg" but when I was trying ping "zcm10" I was getting unknown host. Is there something else that I need to configure when using this under OES Linux? This is important for our testing of ZCM 10.

2.) I was also getting an error DHCP service could not be loaded: Error cannot find LDAP entry matching (Object class = dhcpserver) (cn=**** configuration file errors encountered -- exiting (**** = Dhcp server name)

Any ideas?