Hi there, with have an issue where SLP options are not delivered across VLANs.

We have tested with a workstation on the same VLAN as our NetWare servers and these options are delivered.

When we test with the workstation on a different VLAN, a wireshark trace shows that after the initial DHCP Discover, Offer, Request and ACK for the Workstations IP address, the workstation will issue a DHCP inform requesting options 78,79 and 85.

The trace shows that all the ACK responses from the DHCP server have a transaction ID of 0x1 which does not match the transaction ID of the DHCP Inform sent by the client.

I can only guess that the client is rejecting the ACK responses as the transaction ID does not match that of the DHCP inform that it sent out.

The switching infrastructure is 3Com 5500 series configured with a DHCP server group specifying the IP address of the DHCP server. We also added a UDP helper onto all affected VLANs.

What else would we need to configure on the switch to stop the ACKs from the DHCP server having the transaction ID mangled to 0x1?