Hello all,
Ive got one primary server and one satellite (at the moment)

I have a server rule which states that when on range xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to use the satellite.

I have no rules set up for automatic imaging.

If I pxe boot a PC at the site, it comes up asking me to select the server then moves on. Im pressing ctrl-alt to get the imaging menu, selecting the second option. I type img and then f6 to apply an image. The server address is always that of the primary server.

Does this mean it is going to get the image from the primary? If so, what am I doing wrong?

I want the PCs to take the image from the satellite (due to slow links) - I thought setting up the closest server rule would be enough for this but it seems not.

DHCP is running on a netware server and has, under subnet options, details of the primary server (i.e. server name, address and the boot file name nvlnbp.sys)

Im sure Im doing something really thick here but any advice would be very very welcome.

Cheers all

Chris Doyle