Im moderately depressed about this one. We've created images for a number of models (HP DC7600, 7700, 7800 and 7900)

These images work just fine when we test them in the office. They apply to the pc, the pc boots goes through sysprep, joins the domain, registers in ZEN - all good. One last reboot and its good to go.


Then we have techies out in the field who are applying these images and are reporting back that following the final reboot, the PCs are endlessly looping - the only fix is to boot from a windows xp cd and run a repair.

We figured it out on the newest model (7900) and amended the sysprep file to refer to the HAL - all good. The rest of the images work fine when tested but when applied to another machine of the same model - we get these looping reports.

Has anyone else come across this? If you have, what have you done to fix it?

Its mildly annoying that these images have been deployed by these techies and have been fixed on the ground without reporting the issue back to me but thats one for the office and a brief chat about change control and communication!