I have been having issues with ZCM since the update to ZCM 10.2. I am looking at doing a disaster recover of ZCM which would involved doing a backup of ZCM as laid out in the novell documentation and doing a fresh install of ZCM 10.2 after uninstalling it on the primary server. My question just in case the disaster recovery does not work or does not solve my issues and I have to start over with ZCM 10.2 would sticking with the internal Sybase internal database be a good option or should I think about using a different database option.

The final layout of my ZCM setup would look like the following:

1 primary server
5 satellite server
Roughly 2,000 workstations
Unknown number of application bundles

Also, does Novell have some type of official recommendation of when not to use the internal Sybase database as the database for ZCM?