I have setup a BM 3.8 server with 4 Network interface cards in it. It is
setup as a Master VPN server with 3 other servers. They are all masters
as well. I've configured it as a Master-Master, site to site VPN. The
public interface nic and the private interface nic work fine. I cannot
ping the 3rd and 4th nic on this box. If I unload the filters, the 3rd
nic will respond, but the 4th nic does not. I Changed the two nics and
tested it again with the same result. I went into the BIOS and explicitly
assinged IRQ's to each nic, test, again same result. I have never seen
this before ... I cannot even ping an interface in the home server ??? I
am running Netware 6.5 SP5. I've updated the TCP stack to the latest
version as well.

Any ideas ?