Hello all, I'm using the newest version of Novell on Linux, Linux OES2 SP1. I'm a little perplexed with the CIFS setup...I set this up no problem in Netware all the time, but i'm having a hell of a time in Linux OES2 SP1. I was wondering if any of you good souls could shed some light on configuratin, since clearly, i must be doing something wrong. Here is what I did:

1. Installed Novell CIFS services during Linux OES2 SP1 install
2. Upon install, went into imanager, , made sure cifs was running
3. Made sure my NSS volumes were shared in CIFS
4. Made sure the cifs container context was corrent for my users...it is.
5. Usually, in netware, I could at least make an initial user and password prompt connection to the share from windows after this..in OES2 SP1...nothing...just fails...I see the cifs server, nut when I try to browse it, it says, network path not found...my shares are setup
6. I tried from the run dialog as well, ie: \\boc_w\programs...nothing...rejects me, failed to conect...
7. I made sure the user has a simple password just in case universal password is not enabled...still nothing....seems as though I can't even make a connection?

Any ideas would be appreciated.