I built a new ZCM 10.2 server but did not set the ntp source on the OS during the setup. For some reason the server time was a couple of months into the future. We did the initial configuration of ZCM with the incorrect date and the initial signatures and updates downloaded fine. The ntp settings were then configured so the server date/time was made current. The last patch download time reads Aug 10, 2009. Now, the PM will not download any more patches. After checking many other possible problems I decided to put the server back on a manual time setting and change the server to a date past the 'last patch download time'. As soon as I changed this the patches that were queued began to download. We patched several workstations normally. Set the server time back to normal. Patches now will only queue and not download. Is there a place to change to the 'last patch download time' or reset it somehow?