We use XP on our desktops. There is a critical legacy desktop app which is hard-coded to use a printer named "JOBPRINTER".

Each user uses a shared network printer local to their area for all printing.

In NDPS they have two printers showing, for example: some users would see HP-COLOR-3rdFLR (which they use for regular printing),
and "JOBPRINTER", which is used by the legacy app.

In reality, these two printers map back to the SAME physical printer.

We are migrating to iPrint. As I understand (wrongly maybe), iPrint cannot map multiple printer objects back to the same physical printer.

The users would experience terminal brain-freeze if they were told to do the easy thing and use "JOBPRINTER" as their default printer for all printing. That option is a non-starter.

Is there a way to work around this problem?

Thanks, yale