We have two Border manager servers (in two different locations) that are connected via site to site VPN over the internet. Both are 3.6. We are planning to upgrade these to BM 3.8. The server in the main office is going to be replaced and BM is going to be running on this new hardware. After a week or so the second server will be replaced with the hardware that was replaced at the main site. The server at the main site has had quite a few "tweaks" done to it. (The guy who used to look after this network really focused on fine tuning BM) What is the best way to do this upgrade. Not looking forward to manually reentering all of the filter information, proxy settings, IP address configurations etc. I don't think an across the wire migration is going to do anything because all of the BM settings and configuration is in the SYSTEM, ETC folders and they do not get migrated. What is the best approach to this? Any good suggestions?

Thanks in advance