So Back in December 07 I opened a service call about ZCM 10 not recognizing user varaibles during registry edits. We waited a few months for the next patch. Then again in Dec 08, the Regedit function in the bundles would run as system when told to run as user, again, a few months later we had a patch. Now in June 09, the agents themselves won't pick up login script variables. I'm told to expect a patch in Mid August (hopeful).

So I have to cancel upgrades to be performed by my 5 travelling teams yet again. We had hoped to roll Vista company wide in a year. We started in November 2007. It looks like 2.5 years is a hopeful plan now. And the clock continues to tick away as Novell plays at programming.

Is anyone else a little tired of the poor testing policies used before ZCM code is released?

I mean, for crying out loud, user environment stuff is pretty useful when trying to manage desktops and users. Why am I still having issues with user environment settings 18 months after the first issue was reported? We've had how many revisions between 10.0 and 10.2? 5? 6? Where is the procedure or policy to run tests and make sure systems work. Especially ones that have already been reported as busted in previous versions?

I've spent a few years in software development companies. I know how gold code and testing is supposed to work. I also know things happen, but I've never seen stuff like ZCM. And I never would have expected this from Novell!

We've been trying to roll out Vista since November of 2007. ZENworks has cost us more in lost revenue, time, resources, and stress that it will EVER give us back.

Anyone else feeling this pain, or do I sit alone?