Hi to all storage gurus,

One of our disk systems (HP EVA8000) has been quite busy lately. HP has
spent days analyzing the situation and the result of the analysis was
that the disk system is ok but there are occasionally up to 2000 ms
write latencies. According to them this is not out of ordinary and
operating systems should be able to handle the situation.

The problem is that Netware seems not always to be able to handle such
write latencies and the clustered services may go to comatose when the
write latency is so high. This does not happen on every such occasion,
but too often anyways. Netware is the only operating system which has
any problems with our EVA8000. In this particular EVA we we have roughly
200 hosts, out of which about 10% are Netware. Thus is seems rather
clear that something is wrong with our Netware setup or Netware itself,
we just dont have any clues what.

All servers have NW6.5 SP8, and HP supported Qlogic HBA's with latest HP
supported bios and drivers.

In our Startup.ncf we have:

set multi-path support=on

The error messages are as follows:

18.06.2009 15.30.14 : COMN-3.27-34
Severity = 5 Locus = 2 Class = 6
NSS-2.70-5005: Volume KOTI12/USER2 user data write
(20204(zio.c[2301])) to block 122610663(file block 4810)(ZID
146302323) failed.

18.06.2009 15.30.15 : COMN-3.27-1092
Severity = 4 Locus = 3 Class = 0
NSS-3.00-5001: Pool KOTI12/SARKA is being deactivated.
An I/O error (20204(zio.c[2279])) at block 29505990(file block
104772)(ZID 3) has compromised pool integrity.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Best regards,

Jonne Viljanen
University of Helsinki