I am in the process of testing out trying to create an external sybase database install, so that I can move the internal sybase to the external sybase (the sybase database that comes with zenworks install on a separte computer other than the primary server). I followed the directions in the installation docs about Performing the External ZENworks Database Installation, but I get an error about being unable to setup database user.

The only other way that I have seen is to do a regular install of ZCM on the server that I want to host my external sybase database and then go through the process of turning off the Zenworks process on the server and then follow the 25.5.2 Moving the Data from the Internal Sybase to the External Sybase.

Has anyone been successful in creating an external sybase database on other server the other than the primary server and then moving the data from the internal sybase to the external sybase database?