I have a new server onto which I've just installed NW6.5/SP4a, adding it to
our existing tree. The plan is to next install BM 3.8 then switch this to
being our BM server - we are currently running BM 3.6 on NW51/SP8. That
done, we will upgrade the old box to the same NW/BM versions as the new and
cluster them.

I have a pair of hardware-mirrored 136gb drive, so 136gb of storage space
available. I did the "basic" Netware install, which created a SYS pool of
4gb and a SYS volume within that of the same size. (If I'm not reading
NSSMU correctly, please let me know.)

What are the recommendations now for me to execute in NSSMU as to more
pools/partitions/volumes, etc.? I would like the system to be ready for a
BM install, which we will do after we let it run for a week or so just to be
sure it's OK. We have ~20 users.

(Also, if it matters, the server was mistakenly delivered with only a single
NIC which I have configured to be the PRIVATE side. When the additional NIC
arrives, I will install the hardware then configure it as PUBLIC, all before
I install BM.)

Thanks very much in advance.