I'm trying to use the Move Volume tool in iManager 2.7.3 to move an entire nss volume from one disk to another on the same server. I've got the Management Context established, and the Replica Site status looks alright. I've successfully created a new pool on the destination drive during the setup of the move, then created a new volume and choose to automatically mount it. When I click on Finish however, I receive an error

Error: The GUID has not been set.

And my only option is to close. I then get returned to the Storage>Volumes screen which shows the newly created volume as Active and Mounted. Am I missing something, or do I have to move the volume from one server to another? Our ultimate goal is to move all of our volumes off of the MSA storage onto our new EVA. Both luns are currently presented to the server and I can otherwise access both locations. Any help would be appreciated!