I'm using Novell Migration Wizard v8.2 to migrate across the wire from a NW5.0 to a NW6.5 server. Everything appeared to go fine (I've done this about a dozen times) until the source server shut down and the destination server rebooted. There is an error in the log that says:

Source OS Version: 5.0
Source DS Version: 85.30
Destination OS Version: 6.50
Destination DS Version: 202.17

- ((You may be able to look in SYS\SYSTEM\MIGERROR.LOG file on the destination and/or source server for more information about this error.) TransformDS Xfffffd96 - NDS error: Inconsistent database) BACKUP.NDS can't be transformed. Check the sys\system\uwdibmig.log file on the destination (new) server for more information about the error.
- BACKUP.NDS could not be converted into the native NDS files on the destination server 'TMP_ONLINE'. The migration can't proceed.


Does anybody know where the backup.nds file is supposed to be on the source and destination servers? I can't find it and I'm trying to figure out if it wasn't backed up, or if it just wasn't copied.