What I need to find out is how to place a .EXE into my content repository to be used with a Bundle. I am trying to deploy Novell Client 4.91 SP5, which comes as a .EXE.

If I create a Bundle based on a .MSI, the .MSI is uploaded to the Content Repository.

If I try to create a Simple Application or any bundle that would allow me to install from a .EXE, it seems like all of my options revolve around posting the .EXE to a UNC path or copying the .EXE from a server to a workstation.

The reason I need to upload this .EXE to the content repository (vs. a UNC path or share), is because I need to have it replicated to my other Satellite Servers. Otherwise, clients won't be able to resolve the UNC path unless I specificy it as \\IP Address\Share.

I realize there are a million work arounds, but I am trying to figure out the correct way to upload a .EXE into my UNC path.