Good Afternoon all.

In researching my problem (CIFS net use error 58 NW65SP8) it took hours and hours to filter out and read threads that appeared related to CIFS shares not visible, NMAS trace empty, \\machinename not accessible, etc.

It would be great if sub forums were created so research could be easier.

At minimum could the forums be subbed into Novell OS and NFAP type?

One step further would be to sub the general problem within the sub forum...can't see server...can't see share...can't access share.
Perhaps the stepping through would also reduce duplicate issues that seem to show up several times. (people don't look at 2000+ threads for questions that have already been answered)

Perhaps there is a way to sort them by Novell OS, NFAP type and topic instead.

Anything would be helpful.

Thanks in advance